4 My Dawgs

$50 per day

The 4 My Dawgs package is designed to give our full time dawgs a day to look forward to. 2 walks a day (times may vary based on availability and request). 

  • 1 daily 60 min walk dedicated to socialization and exercise ($30 per walk)
  • 1 daily 30 min walk dedicated to a potty break and good company ($20 per walk)

Get ‘em how they make sense for you. Alleviating the pressures of dog ownerships by letting us keep your dog healthy and happy. ***only applies to (monday through friday schedules)

Doors & Dawgs Familia

Busy? We get it. Discounts!? You deserve it.

So why not enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your favorite pet care provider is on his or her way? After all, we’re more reliable than family!!! 

(discounted D&D Family rates only apply to Monday through Friday schedules)

Familia Rates

One 30 minute walk – $21 per walk

Multi 30 min walks – $20.50 per walk

One 60 minute walk – $31 per walk

Multi 60 minute walks – $30 per walk

Base Rates

15 min – $25 per walk

30 min – $25 per walk

60 min – $35 per walk

Doors & Dawgs only guarantees the accommodation of standing appointments. All “as needed” walks are subject to the following rates:

***Ask about our discounts for multiple pet households

All above mentioned rates are per dog/per walk. 
All services are subject to a NYS sales tax of 8.875%

Socialize and Play

$33 per hour

The Socialize and Play package is designed for our part time pups looking to add a little spice to their lives. You can’t always commit to hours at the dog park… or sniffing tree bed after tree bed, allow us to loan a helping hand by providing some extra TLC. Schedule 3 (60 min) walks a week (Same Day, Same Time) and let us know what kind of experience your pup is looking for. And we’ll do our best to give your pup an extra little somethin’ – somethin’ to look forward to.

Brief Relief

$16 per 15min

Cuz when you gotta go, you gotta go.This 15 minute relief walk is designed for the most practical of uses. If your dog is older, ailing, or just thinks sniffing butts and playing fetch is beneath him. Have us escort your dawg to his or her favorite tree beds before returning to a life of luxury.

Puppy Walk

60 minute Puppy walk ($35 per)
30 minute Puppy walk ($25 per)

For our Prized Pups (9 months and under), this is a private walk focused on promoting and teaching responsiveness, house breaking and proper socialization… Think of it as pre school for dawgs. The one on one attention allows us to prioritize your dawgs development.