The Mission:

To create a community for dog wellness and to educate dog owners on how to combat the specific challenges of pet parenting in the big city.

Thus, we are committed to keeping our team in the field small, to build the best possible relationships with the families and fur-children we serve. These defining principles allow us to learn the needs and idiosyncrasies of each individual pup. After all “Knowledge is Power” and “Consistency is Key.” The Doors and Dawgs standard of dog walking is founded on those very ideas.

Founder, Owner, & Expert Puppy Trainer of Doors & Dawgs, Nicholas Rodriguez, has 10 years of experience to draw from. He’s been walking dogs professionally since college. He’s worked alongside the best positive reinforcement trainer in New York City, Kate Perry.  Having helped facilitate multiple dog socialization classes and baby prepping seminars, he was even interviewed by New York Magazine for some professional tricks of the trade.

Our business model is rooted on those experiences and the 10,000 hour rule. “I can walk anything with legs” I once heard Nick say and I believe him. That unrivaled work ethic combined with co-owner, Rockie Cedeno’s managerial genius; Doors & Dawgs exemplifies competence in pet care. Since 2014, we’ve been providing best friends for TriBeca’s furriest and peace of mind to the hardest working moms and dads in NYC. Hire Us. because TOGETHER – we can keep your dawg movin’ – TAILS UP!!