The Process… What to expect

Before We Begin

Doors & Dawgs prioritizes quality of care and safety above all else. Therefore, prior to providing service you can expect the following:

  • Collaborate with Doors & Dawgs Management:
    • Let us know all about your pup and detail the experiences you’re seeking for your bestie (Including desired walk times). Email us @ [email protected]  
  • “Collabs” Is Our Thing:
    • Based on your household’s needs and our availability receive our reply email with a potential game plan. IF IT WORKS for you, then IT WORKS FOR US. We will then schedule an In Home Introduction
  • “At the Intro.”
    • Meet one of the D&D owners. We will evaluate our interaction with your animal to determine the best way to introduce your pup to the team. We will discuss pick up and drop off procedures, get a lay of the land, and take Puppy around the block to see what he’s got.

Congratulations!! You’re officially Fam

  • THE FIRST MONTH  (is the most pivotal) 

             This is where the magic happens…

  • During the first 2 weeks,  walks are usually conducted by one of the D&D managers. (unless otherwise discussed) We will work on creating a positive association to your pup’s new routine and work on basic obedience commands like “Touch, Sit, & Look at Me” intended for optimal responsiveness and safety. 
  • After assessing your pups personality and the skill of our staff, The D&D management team will then assign a primary walker to your household.  
  • The next 2 week will be spent working in tandem with your pup and primary walker to ensure the best possible care. Once confident that your pup has everything he or she needs for a successful stint with the team – IT’S OFF TO THE DAWG PARK.  TAILS UP !!!

Out and About (The Walk)

  • Upon arrival at your building, your walker will clock in to his or her walk using our team app – Scout for Pets. We will then access your home via concierge or with a set of keys provided by you, the client. 

(note: only your specific walkers have permission to access your home)

  • After entering the home, we will love up your pet!!! and follow pick up protocol to the tee. Please note that requests like feeding, dressing & gearing up your pup are conducted during our designated walk time.
  •  Depending on your dog’s needs, We may… 
      • Rustle up the pack and hit the dog park
      • Go for a physically vigorous walk 
      • Or hit our favorite tree beds and mingle
  • Emphasizing responsiveness, we will use the Doors & Dawgs standard of dog walking to keep your pupperino safe and stimulated 
  • At the end of our walk, we will drop off our 4 legged homie back at his or her home.

 – Completing whatever tasks are necessary to ensure the most comfortable afternoon of solitude. 

(please note: more extensive post walk cleaning routines as well other post walk requirements will be fulfilled during our designated walk time.)

  •  ASK about our homemade dog treats available for purchase. 

         (Its like ending your walk with a cherry on top)

  • Finally, with your pup resting comfortably. Your dog walker will lock up on the way out, complete your post walk re-PUP card, clock out, and send you your post walk notification from our app to your email.


Lock in your schedule and pay for what you use. Doors & Dawgs does bi-weekly billing on services provided. No more paying up front for headaches and below satisfactory services.


  • Provide your payment method to the D&D management team
  • Specify payment method & preferences
  • Auto pay available 
  • Receive itemized invoice every other tuesday via Email
  • All major credit cards & Paypal accepted 


*All invoices will be charged 8.75% in accordance with NYS’ sales tax laws